Alkaline Greens Grow Kit
Alkaline Greens Grow Kit
Alkaline Greens Grow Kit

Alkaline Greens Grow Kit

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Joining forces to enable change

Grow greens for a groovy smoothie or gourmet meal! Take action with vitamin and alkaline rich microgreens packed with zesty flavours.

Each box grows 16 harvests of cress and mizuna inside 8 recycled single-use coffee cups with our special formula of re-purposed coffee soil.


Feed your tribe sustainably.

Purchase multipacks for as little as $24 a box!

3 Box Gift Set for only $28 per box
6 Box Micro Forest for only $26 per box
12 Box Superfood Supersupply for only $24 per box

The story behind this kit

When Life Cykel and the Cup of Life Project met, we realised we had two important things in common: the word ‘Life’ and recycling coffee waste products. We both agreed that the nucleus of a great life is quality food, grown independently across all communities, creating a food production line that is sustainable and meaningful in its process. We dedicate this humble box to helping create a greater life for everyone that it touches. Life Cykel collects coffee waste as a growing substance whilst Cup of Life Project collects recycled coffee cups for food production.

Our coffee soil is made from composted coffee and kitchen waste collected from Byron Bay cafes. it contains essential nutrients that will keep your plants (and you) thriving with radiant health.

For us, this is a unifying project that takes us one step closer to our shared vision of a planet that uses its resources in a balanced and sustainable way.