About Us


OwnGrown provides access to healthier, sustainable food that is hyper fresh and tastes delicious! Spinach-All-Green.jpg
Imagine the ability to own and be in control of the end to end growth of your food in your own home, regardless of where you live. 
No pesticides, no chemicals, no GMOs!
This is the sort of control that foodies and health-nuts have been seeking for years, which is why many of our customers are high end restaurants, greengrocers and health food stores as well as everyday households looking to live a healthy and sustainable life. 
Aiming to be the largest provider of hydroponic home units in Australia and with our expert team, we ensure you select the right unit for your needs and are supported throughout your OwnGrown journey to healthier, sustainable living.
We provide self-contained growing units of all sizes and for all needs; commercial, residential and even hobbyists who just want to give it a go. 
OwnGrown is an Australian company based in Melbourne. 
Feel free to shop online or arrange a visit to our showroom. Contact us today.