More from Keisue

Want More? Keisue have some very exciting products in the mix.

Customise your own growing. COMING SOON.

  1. KES1.0   (CEA. Leafy vegetable)
  2. KES2.0   (CEA, Leafy and fruiting)
  3. KES3.0   (Leafy and fruiting)
  4. KES4.0   (Microgreens)
  5. KES5.0   (CEA, Microgreens)
  6. KES6.0   (Open, Leafy vegetable)
  7. KES7.0   (Open, Leafy vegetable)
  8. KES8.0   (Its a secret)
  9. KES9.0   (Open, Microgreens)
  10. KES10.0  (Open, Microgreens)

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