Keisue Micro Farms

Features KES 3.0  KES 4.0  

1. Small Form Factor
Micro Farms are our desktop models which can fit pretty much anywhere in the home or office.

2. Zero-added pesticide
The products use Soil-less and LED Grow Light planting technology, so there is no dirty soil. It also avoids weed infestation, ant & mosquito problems. 

3. Adjustable Height
The overhead LED Grow Light has a height adjustable arm to suit your greens and flowers so that it is in the ideal position for growth. It can be manually adjusted from 238mm to 375mm high.

4. Easy Operation
You can adjust the brightness of the LED light at the touch of a button using four brightness settings 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%.

Q: What is the difference between the Kes 3.0 & Kes 4.0?

A: Kes 3.0 is for leafy greens Kes 4.0 is for Micro Greens.


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