Keisue FAQ


Q: What is the difference between the Kes 3.0 & Kes 4.0?

A: Kes 3.0 is for leafy greens Kes 4.0 is for Micro Greens.

Q: What is the difference between the Kes 1.0 & Kes 2.0 ?

A: Kes 1 is for leafy greens. Kes 2 has additional LED light panels for Taller plants

Q: How long does it take from seed to harvest?

A: Approximately one month. But thereafter, every 10 days you can expect a harvest of up to 32 heads of lettuce (or whatever you are cultivating). That’s enough to serve a salad a day for a family of 3!


Q: I don’t have green fingers, will it be difficult to grow anything?

A: We’ve optimised the processes to be as simple as possible. A minute a day, an hour a weekend. 


Q: Does the unit consume a lot of water and electricity?

A: The unit is unique in that it can capture excess humidity in the air to supply water to top-up the system. It is independent of your household water supply (No need to plug it into a water outlet!) Electricity usage is about a dollar a day.


Q: How about Maintenance and Upkeep?

A: Our Household Farm prefers minimal interaction to the tune of a minute a day and roughly an hour each weekend. Things to look out for:

CO2 – for photosynthesis needs 6 drops of water daily into 2 trays.

Water  - in the trays have to be checked during the weekends.

Nutrient Solutions – can be bought from us and requires weekly readings with the  provided instrument.

Seeds – that are bought from us will come with clear growing instructions.

LEDs – are rated to 50,000 hours.

Electricity – consumption is rated at 163W.


Q: What is so special about your Household Farms?

A: The OwnGrown Household Farm is the only commercially available solution right now that provides you with climate controls in limited space while still producing enough for a salad a day for a family of 3.


As a social enterprise, we do not believe in one-off transactions but to create a truly sustainable movement that addresses food safety, security, and justice issues.