UrbiPod Full Spectrum
UrbiPod Full Spectrum
UrbiPod Full Spectrum
UrbiPod Full Spectrum
UrbiPod Full Spectrum
UrbiPod Full Spectrum
UrbiPod Full Spectrum
UrbiPod Full Spectrum
UrbiPod Full Spectrum

UrbiPod Full Spectrum

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The Urbipod Self-Watering Indoor Herb Planter With Full Spectrum Lighting & Free Starter Kit, by Urbotanica.

Australian made and owned, the UrbiPod has been designed to make you a successful grower of fresh herbs, salads & micro greens all year round right from the comfort of your kitchen.

Growing is made simple with automatic self-watering and nutrient delivery technology and state of the art energy efficient full spectrum LED lighting that will ensure fast and consistent plant growth.

Comes ready assembled - just 5 easy steps to get growing.  Easy to operate and clean. Our growing Pods are unique from other products - detachable from the main unit to enable mobility around the home & kitchen. This allows ease of access and use and enables plant rotation by using extra Pods - therefore always ensuring access to harvest ready herbs and salads. 

Includes everything you need to get growing: 


  • Starter pack of 4 seed varieties - cress, parsley, basil and rocket. You may choose to use your own seeds. The Urbipod full spectrum model is capable of a wide range of plants including flowers, strawberries and tiny tim tomatoes. 
  • Packet of 5 all natural made to measure coir discs - the growing medium that fits into the Pods
  • 250 ml bottle of all natural liquid nutrient
  • 4 individual detachable growing Pods (white) with wicking system components
  • Water bottle and valve, electrical cable, LED light halo 
  • Set up instructions


  • The Urbipod Full Spectrum model comes pre-assembled, ready for growing.
  • Includes the height adjustable, energy efficient LED light halo and AC power transformer.
  • Uses approximately the same amount of energy as a kettle.
  • Comes pre-set with a 16-hour lights on, 8-hour lights off cycle for maximum plant growth.
  • Includes water tower & bottle that keeps your plants watered.

Growing Pods & Wicking System

  • Each Urbipod comes with 4 mobile growing pods and a specially designed capillary wicking system to give your plants just the right amount of water.
  • The Pods are detachable from the unit so they can be moved around the living and kitchen area, including the dining table for easy access to fresh herbs and salads.
  • Larger and deeper growing Pods enable stronger root development.

Self Watering, Auto Lighting & Energy Efficient

  • Automatic LED lighting replicates the sun to enable successful growing.
  • LED lighting is energy efficient, reliable and rated for 50,000 hours use. On average, they use the same electricity as your kettle.

Natural Nutrients & Growing Medium

  • The included 250ml of liquid nutrients ensure that all the minerals in the nutrient are available to the plant at the right concentrations all the time.
  • The included growing medium - coir - is a 100% natural by-product of coconuts. It is Eco-friendly with high water retention - perfect for plant growth.

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