Aqua Sprout.

A fish tank herb garden may seem like a simple enough concept, but it’s so much more than that.


We designed the AquaSprouts Garden to bring the revolutionary principles of aquaponic farming into the home, office, and classroom, because we believe aquaponics offers something to benefit everyone. By combining fishkeeping and hydroponic gardening, this aquaponics kit does things that neither can do alone, dramatically reducing waste and maintenance. By circulating the water from your aquarium through the Garden’s bed, the AquaSprouts Garden recycles fish waste to provide vital nutrients for growing plants, leaving the water clean and clear without the need for additional filters or frequent water changes. 

The Garden’s design is simple, freestanding, and virtually maintenance-free, making indoor gardening and a beautiful aquarium accessible to anyone regardless of experience with fish or plants. It eliminates the need for traditional fertilizers using the same principles that recycle wastes in natural ecosystems, making upkeep as simple as feeding your fish. We built the Garden to fit on top of any standard 40 litre aquarium including existing fish tanks, making it the perfect way to provide your home or business with fresh herbs and vegetables or beautiful ornamentals.With an aquaponics kit you can now reduce your food miles, carbon footprint, and your water usage – also without the need for pesticides and repellents. Simply order your aquaponics kit, and your fish will thank you – based in Melbourne we ship our range across Victoria, NSW, South Australia, Tasmania, and New Zealand.  For more information about our fish tank herb gardens get in touch. 


Aqua Sprout 

By Urban Green Farms.